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Damascus Knives Japanese Kitchen


1. High quality and wonderful 67 layers damascus blade

2. 8 to 12 degrees cutting edge per side rockwell hardness 60-62. sharp and lightweight

3. The core is made of Japanese VG10 kitchen steel which is a high carbon Japanese stainless steel.famous for its edge retention and hardness. The presence of cobalt in our steel composition is a sign of excellent quality

4. Hardness and toughness coexists in our Japanese VG10 stainless steel. which means sharpness and the feature of no need sharpening coexist.

5. Our 8-inch professional chef knife is a great all-rounder that is suited for dicing onions,mincing shallots, chopping herbs, crushing garlic, slicing meats and shredding cabbage.



High quality material:The core is made of VG10, the Japanese Super Stainless Steel, and clad with softer steel for protection. The result is a superb 67 layers DAMASCUS steel blade combining ELEGANCE and HIGH-PERFORMANCE.

No sharpening, clipping. Urtra sharp and rustless:we all know that hardness and toughness are 2 features which normally can not coexist in one thing. But Japanese VG10 stainless steel is an exception. In order to pursue extreme cutting feeling and practical knife using. VG 10 stainless steel came into the world. The hardness reaches to 60, it means urtra sharp and no sharpening. The roughness features no clipping and rustless


For the ergonomic handle we chose Pakka Wood, resistant, noble and classy. Pakka Wood is a premium handle material made of genuine hardwood impregnated with resin that makes it moisture resistant and durable Efficiency and Elegance


· User-friendly: The chef’s knife is lightweight and well balanced, so you won’t feel bogged down. It has a good ergonomics that reduces the chance of experiencing aches and cramps on the finger after use. Its fluted edge minimizes the possibility of food sticking to the blade.