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DeXe Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo


This AMAZING Anti-hair loss product combines the BEST of herbal AND oriental medicines, integrated with the MOST ADVANCED hair care technology.

The DeXe Shampoo is not any regular shampoo - it's all natural hair anti-hair loss product made into a shampoo to make the product easy to use and provides hair rehydration and hair care benefits that the best shampoos already provide.

Contains essential bio-active nutrients improving the hair while creating a healthy environment for hair growth.

100% All Natural Ingredients: Japanese Knotweed, Bionta Orientalis (native Chinese Thuja tree), Drynaria Fortune (a species of basket fern), combined with the usual SLS foaming agent and hydrolyzed keratin.


  • Wet hair thoroughly with warm water
  • Apply DeXe Shampoo on your hair (avoid putting shampoo on your back)
  • Massage the root of your hair for a few minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with water
  • Use at least 4-6 times a week

For BEST results keep using the shampoo for 2-4 months MINIMUM.
One bottle of DeXe = 1-2 months

Results may vary from person to person.