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Dragon Ball Grinder 4 Stars


Something Alternative & Innovative, Something...

like our grinder. We really appreciate classic design, but it gets boring after a while. What's better than something alternative and funky? Or something that reminds you of your childhood?

And there's where ROCKET comes in. To provide you with something that's like a toy for adults. A practical "toy" that is going to make your everyday lives even easier.

You got it right. Our grinder is not only constructed by high quality materials, but also because it features a Dragon Ball design- yes, DRAGON BALL!

Make everybody to feel jealous for your grinder- a one-of-a-kind accessory every smoker should have!

Welcome To The Sharp World

Well, we know. You're pretty disappointed because your previous grinders didn't have the powder result you were expecting.

It's the end of that era- we have something that will blow your minds off!

Ditch your old, plastic herb grinders- ours features the sharpest teeth possible in order to provide you an outstanding grinding experience! The 3 pieces design is perfect for screening and collecting your already crushed spices- what else do you need?

Intimate For The Ones You Love

Is your best friend's birthday just around the corner and you want to offer him/ her a practical yet alternative gift?

Then we have a suggestion to make!

Our heavy-duty, Dragon Ball grinder comes inside a beautiful gift box, in order to put a smile on your friend's face once he/she opens it!

A pollen scraper is also offered as a free gift- get an all-inclusive, durable grinding set just like that!

Grind And Shine. Get Your Dragon Ball Herb Grinder Now And Smile Like A Child!