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Seed Giant Venus Flytrap



Dwarf giant Venus flytrap in a very short petioles the president of a great clip , and generally leaves are flat on the ground , petiole lenient.
Chinese name : dwarf giant Venus flytrap
Scientific name : Dionaea muscipula Low Giant
Specifications : M
Clamp diameter: 1.5-2.0 cm
Survival temperature: 0-38
Optimum temperature : 20-30
Growing media : peat , sphagnum , perlite, sand , etc.
Humidity: > 50%
Origin: United States
Adult size: diameter of about 15 cm ( after the general adult plants can reach a maximum size has nothing to do with the sale of goods ! )
Planting points: Venus flytrap more sensitive to water quality , water need to use a low mineral content water ( such as rain water , pure water, etc. ) ; summer temperatures easily rotten stems, good ventilation environment , the roots cool , good lighting , large the temperature difference between day and night will help reduce the incidence of disease ; For fertilization may indicate more than one-fifth the concentration of spraying !