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Sound Activated LED T Shirt Light



This LED EL T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton. It has an electroluminescent panel (EL) across the front that reacts to music and and 'pump' in time with whatever you are listening to. It also gives a visual rhythm guide to others. It is powered by a battery pack that put within inside of the cloth.


This is a Sound activated T-Shirt, good for Party/Bar/festival/Birthday/Christmas...etc,please kindly noted its not for daily using.


Packing included:

1x Flashing EL T-shirt.


Main Features:

1. This T-shirt lights up and reacts to sound
2. Volume Control for the sensitive of music

3. Hand Washable, just unplug the battery box

4. Has a sound sensitivity control to take you all the way from loud anthem beats to the chill out room
5. Made from 100% cotton, this high tech.
6. Powered by a battery pack cleverly hidden within an inside shirt pocket
7. Good for music or dance fans and sports fans, especial for Hip Hop fans


Washing Note:

1.Dry clean or hand wash only

2.Remove EL panel,battery pack and the whole power cord carefully before washing

3.Do not submerge any part of the flash panel


Using Note:

1. Turn off the voice-activated drive switch (set to OFF);

2. Confirmed turn off, unplug the connection line from the voice-activated drive

3. Unplug the connection line from the EL wire.

4. Finally, remove the EL wire off clothing

5. Remove the battery when T-shirt does not use music system. In case low quality battery damages the voice-activated drive.

6. please do not place the music T-shirt EL wire and drive in wet places, and to prevent direct contact with water to prevent short circuit and short life span;

7. Please do not bend or fold the music T-shirt EL wire in order to avoid the chip impairment